France is a sovereign state containing region in western Europe and a few abroad districts and territories.The European, or metropolitan, range of France stretches out from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean.

Job Title

Mechanical Supervisors-1800 EURO
Mechanical Foreman-1800 EURO
Safety Officers-1800 EURO
AC Mechanics-1800 EURO
Civil Engineers-1800 EURO
Electrical Engineers-1800 EURO
Quantity Engineers-1800 EURO
Welder-1600 EURO
Tile Fixer-1600 EURO
Masons-1600 EURO
Piping Supervisor-1500 EURO
Carpenters-1500 EURO
Scafolders-1550 EURO
Foreman-1500 EURO
Heavy Driver-1500 EURO
Light Driver-1500 EURO
Sand Blasters-1500 EURO
Pipe Fitter-1500 EURO
Rigger-1450 EURO
Security Guard-1350 EURO
General Helper-1650 EURO
Plumber-1400 EURO
Wall Painter-1450 EURO
RCC Fitter-1550 EURO
House Electrician-1550 EURO
Labours-1450 EURO

*Food & Accomadation Free For All Position

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