Oman authoritatively the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab nation in the southeastern shoreline of the Arabian Peninsula. Holding a deliberately imperative position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the country is flanked by the United Arab Emirates toward the northwest, Saudi Arabia toward the west, and Yemen toward the south and southwest, and shares marine outskirts with Iran and Pakistan.

The coast is framed by the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Gulf of Oman on the upper east. The Madha and Musandam exclaves are encompassed by the UAE on their property outskirts, with the Strait of Hormuz (which it offers with Iran) and Gulf of Oman shaping Musandam's seaside limits.

Oman has unobtrusive oil saves, positioning 25th globally. Nevertheless, in 2010 the UNDP positioned Oman as the most enhanced country on the planet as far as advancement amid the former 40 years.

A noteworthy bit of its economy is tourism and exchange of fish, dates, and certain rural produce. This separates it from its neighbors' exclusively oil-subordinate economy. Oman is arranged as a high-wage economy and positions as the 74th most serene nation on the planet as indicated by the Global Peace Index.

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