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A journey ship or luxury ship is a traveler deliver utilized for delight voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's luxuries are a part of the experience, and also the diverse goals, i.e., ports of call, en route. Transportation is by all account not the only motivation behind cruising, especially on travels that arrival travelers to their starting port, with the ports of call typically in a predetermined district of a mainland. There are even "travels to no place" or "no place voyages" where the ship makes 2–3 night round outings with no ports of call.

By difference, devoted transport arranged sea liners do "line voyages" and regularly transport travelers starting with one point then onto the next, as opposed to on round treks. Generally, a sea liner for the transoceanic exchange will be worked to a higher standard than a normal journey dispatch, including high freeboard and more grounded plating to withstand harsh oceans and antagonistic conditions experienced in the vast sea, for example, the North Atlantic. Sea liners likewise for the most part have bigger limits for fuel, nourishment, and different stores for utilization on long voyages, contrasted with committed journey ships.

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